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: Driveshaft for 1967-72 big block 400 turbo

Jan 2nd, 09, 12:16 PM
Am looking for driveshaft for 67-72 Chevelle big block 400 turbo that measures approx 58 inches centerline to centerline of the u joints, Can anyone help?


Jan 2nd, 09, 1:46 PM - they've got a measuring diagram, great service.

You could probably hit the junkyard if you wanted to go it cheap, beats the shipping costs from another member.

Jan 2nd, 09, 2:06 PM

Jan 2nd, 09, 9:12 PM

Hum??? Not sure if I would put this between my power plant and rear. Should be a little more percise and not in increments of 1/2 inches. I paid a bit more and got mine from Denny's 3 1/2" diameter and a bunch more peace of mind. IMHO

Jim Mac
Jan 2nd, 09, 10:00 PM
If its original I would double check the measurement. I pulled one out of a 69SS and it was 54.5 inches. Jim

Jan 2nd, 09, 10:47 PM
The 67 might be different than 68-72. 68-72 should be around 54.5" from center to center. You can buy the correct yoke and have your driveshaft shortened, but if it may require a combination U joint with 2 different caps. If you're not worried about it looking original, Dennys is the way to go.