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: Polishing Stainless Fitting???

Dec 20th, 08, 12:51 PM
I have an old polished stainless hose fitting that has tool marks in it. Is it possible to polish those out with a dremel tool or grinder? I don't care if the finished product looks polished or like brushed stainless. What would work best? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance...Jon

Dec 20th, 08, 2:54 PM
First, if it's possible, buy a replacement, b/c if you value your time at all, it'll probably be cheaper to buy new when all is said and done. If it's no longer available, first start with a 100 grit disc on a DA sander to get the big gouges out, then do the same with finer grits. A sisal wheel with an aggresive compound followed by softer wheels with finer compounds will bring it back to a fantastic luster. I haven't done this in a few years (polished all the stainless trim on my two Chevelles) so I don't remember the correct wheels or compound grits, but if you research this online you should be able to find the specifics.
Hope this helps,

Dec 20th, 08, 6:50 PM
Thanks for the input Rich. Anyone else have experience with this?

Dec 20th, 08, 9:59 PM
Depending on severity of the marks to give you an idea where to start. If they are heavy use a file to clean them up. Then go in steps with sandpaper. 400 grit, 800, 1200 and then use a felt wheel on a dremel. A lot of hardware stores or harbor freight have compounds for the felt wheel. Generally, the lighter color the compound the finer the finish. White being a mirror finish.
Try to stay away from dark gray or black compounds, some of them will leave deeper scratches than you had with finer sand paper.

Dec 20th, 08, 10:16 PM
You can buy Scotch-Bright Surface Conditioning Discs and the necessary equipment to use them from ENCO www.use-enco.com And when your done removing the tool marks, you can use the same disks to clean up rotors and assorted other things.