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: 71 Chevelle - Front Drum Brakes

Dec 1st, 08, 2:39 PM
Any help would be apprciated.... looking to have my front drum brakes re-done with quality parts (not Auto Zone) any parts # and location(s) to purchase would be great....
Wheel Cylinders, hosing, etc...
Thanks, :beers:

Dec 1st, 08, 2:54 PM
If you need wheel cylinders, flex hoses, and shoes etc. Its time to upgrade to disc brakes. I used a SSBC kit, it came with everything, all done in one afternoon.


Dec 1st, 08, 2:56 PM
Ok, sounds to good to be true. Tell me more.

Dec 1st, 08, 9:22 PM

Dec 1st, 08, 9:51 PM
If you do want to rebuild your drum setup, everything is still available from Bendix.

Dec 1st, 08, 9:57 PM
I also have the SSBC kit on my Chevelle. Works great!!!

Dec 2nd, 08, 10:51 AM
Napa auto stocks some of the best quality parts out there. They may be under their name but they are still name brand parts.

Dec 2nd, 08, 11:15 AM
i still have the aamco machine to arch drum brake linings to fit the drum correctly. havent used it in years though. its important to have both drums the same size and the shoes should fit the drum correctly. when you place the shoes in the drum they should contact in the middle and have a small gap at each end. new shoes are arched to fit the diameter of a new drum but sometimes they are off. the point of all this is to tell you that if everything isnt right the car will pull left or right when applying the brakes. they will eventually bed in but sometimes it takes a long time and its unsafe.