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: Master cyl swap with disc brakes

Nov 28th, 08, 9:22 PM
I currently have 4 non power drum brakes on my 67, and I think I may purchase this conversion kit ( for front disc brakes. Will I still be able to use my current master cylinder, or will I have to purchase a different one? I guess I'll also need to buy a proportioning valve?

Seems like a good price, plus I can use my 10% off. The photo must be a stock photo used by others, as it's the exact photo used by another seller that is selling for a couple hundred more (but does contain booster and master cyl)

Nov 28th, 08, 9:32 PM
hi, not sure on your 67 but on my 70, yes you will want a new disc brake MC. as far as the P-valve, i have a post up and am looking for the same answer-just crickets chirping so far- heeelllloooo? anybody know? john.

Nov 28th, 08, 9:34 PM
disc and drum MCs are different.

Power and manual MCs are different.

Nov 28th, 08, 11:50 PM
You will need to change the mc and you need the combination valve.