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: Any suggestions On Lowering 71 Chevelle??

Nov 15th, 08, 6:21 PM
~All stock suspension~

Didnt know if anyone had any advice when it came to lowering my car? Should i do a spindle drop? Or should i do a suspension drop. Probably 2 inches max, or whatever you guys think is best overall. What is the best way to lower the car in the rear also. The best and cheapest answers would be awesome. Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.

Nov 15th, 08, 9:23 PM
From my experience I think doing 2" drop OPG springs up front and some 1.5" hotchkis drop springs inthe rear is the cheapest, easiest route. I did Hotchkis and KYB GR2's all around on my 72' and currently the front is not low enough, I debated over drop spindles VS coilovers VS 2" drop springs and the drop springs are the best choice in my opinion when doing a budget build.