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: 69 steering collapsable tubes

Nov 2nd, 08, 8:44 AM
I pulled my steering column out and totally disassembled it and replaced bearings. It is a 69 non-tilt 4 speed. I broke the plastic tabs on the collapsable tube that the steering shaft goes through. I re-set the length of the collapsable tubes to what I believe is the correct lenght, 28" end to end. When I completed the assembly and installed the snap ring at the top of the steering shaft, I had to push the steering shaft all the way to the top and totally compress the spring at the bottom of the steering column lower bearing. What have I screwed up? Should I shorten the 28" length of the collapsable tubes?


Nov 2nd, 08, 9:53 AM
Sounds about right, its not easy getting that snap ring on seems almost its a 2 person job.