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: What books for 70 resto recommended??

Oct 25th, 08, 12:31 AM
Hi Guys
I'm looking for input on what books, manuals, guides, etc. I should get to help me in the resto of my 70 SS454 Chevelle. Stuff like engine compartment layout, proper plating for parts like brake booster, etc. Are there books specific to an LS6 Chevelle restoration?
Thanks, Steve.

Oct 25th, 08, 12:47 AM
I have these three, plus a couple of of other books for looking up parts number. I have not seen a book specific for a LS 6 chevelle, all the one I have seen are for all of the chevelles 6 cylinder to big blocks. I get the most help from this site about how things should look.



Oct 25th, 08, 12:49 AM
Factory Assembly Manual
Chassis Service Manual
Fisher Body Manual
64-71 Chilton Manual

Other than that, this web site will be your best resource. There is more collective information here than in any book you can purchase.