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Oct 24th, 08, 9:52 PM
I was helping a friend redo the interior of his real nice '70SS car. It had a black interior and he was changing everything to red (as his wife had back in 1972.) We bought carpet through Hinshaw's (I think-it may have been NPD). The carpet in the rear was not cut correctly (by me) and does not extend up under the rear seat far enough. It looks ok-you have to really look to see that it is a bit too short. In any case, we bought new carpet and installed it. I thus have a set of new red (ACC brand) carpet. The front is alreay cut to fit this '70SS car and so is the back. If someone wants to pay for the shipping (not sure just how much that would be) I will give them the carpet. It is a bright red color. Advise if there is any interest.
Madison, Ms.