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: Application for GM PN 7829006?

Oct 8th, 08, 5:14 PM
Anyone mind looking up GM PN 7829006 Group 6.525 steering coupling assy? I got it years ago for my '66, I'm pretty sure it's the correct one, but I believe that is a later part number. I can't find anything on that # on the web.

Thanks a lot! :D

Oct 8th, 08, 6:22 PM
try 5691698 or 5689066 both are older numbers that preceded that one.

Oct 8th, 08, 9:31 PM
My chevy parts book dated 4/83 lists that as follows: 64-66 Pass., Chevelle w/P/S FLANGE ASSY., lower

Oct 8th, 08, 10:54 PM
Thanks guys; I appreciate it! :D :thumbsup: