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: 10 Bolt Rear End # 9783393 ???

Oct 1st, 08, 10:26 PM
Frend That Has This Rear End, What Is It, Part#9783393 10 Bolt Cover Round ???

Oct 2nd, 08, 10:51 AM
Rear end housings don't have part numbers on them. Where exactly is this number located? Does it have coil spring or leaf spring mounting?

Oct 5th, 08, 9:23 AM
Its On The Center Housing,what He Said , Coil Springs Rear End. Its In A 66 Gto Right Now. I Told Him That I Thought It May Be A Old,s Rear Or A Buick Rear End Its Not Original To The Gto For Sure Thank You

Oct 5th, 08, 9:47 AM
1967 Pontiac A body or F body can be distinguished by spring mounts/perches, as both utilized the same center section. Do a google search on the casting # it may very well be possible that was used on '66 as well. What is the casting date?