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: 1969 Chevelle 427 COPO engine code

Sep 30th, 08, 11:00 PM

I have located an engine block with the following information.

Is this a 1969 Chevelle COPO block or a '69 396? Some information I have come across states MQ for '69 model year is a COPO. Thanks for your help.

engine date stamp: T0411MQ
Engine block casting #: 3955272
engine block date code: K 28 8 or November, 28 1968.


Sep 30th, 08, 11:24 PM
3955272 is a 396 block and the MQ would be correct for 68 Camaro, but your casting date shows a 1969 model year application. I would be wary of its originality. A 1969 427 MQ engine would have the 3955270 (although I have never seen one) or 3963512 block with a 4.25" bore.

Keith Tedford
Oct 1st, 08, 11:24 AM
Our '69 427 engine has the 512 MQ block. The '68 L78 Camaros and Chevy IIs got the MQ L78 396 4 speed engine. T0411MQ would be April 11 engine build. Something a little off perhaps?