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: 1111137 dist

Sep 8th, 08, 12:37 AM
I have a local guy wanting to buy a 1111137 dist that I have and I can't find any thing in searches to get a base price. In your opinions what is it worth. I also have a unrestored 1100837 69 alt without the deep groove pulley what is a fair price? I see two that ended on Ebay around 1500. Is that normal? This is stuff my dad has had laying in the barn for years that we almost put in a crusher car more than once.LOL! Thanks! Jason

Sep 8th, 08, 1:45 AM
Distributor is from a 66 396/325hp w/transistor ignition. Might be a hot ticket with only 2,013 K66 options sold in 66. Alternator is shown as an optional 37amp unit for a 69 396/375 - yep, it's probably normal. :(

Sep 8th, 08, 9:23 AM
Thanks for the reply. If you don't mind to say what would be a fair price for the distributor? Like you said it should be a hot ticket item and this guy needs it but I want what is fair not break it off in the guy.I sell alot of parts to these guys in my area and want them to keep coming back.Thanks

Sep 8th, 08, 12:48 PM
I have seen those unrestored TI distributers going from 250 to 400, have seen some at 500. I was contemplating installing TI on my 66 a few years back, and found out it was cost prohibitive after adding everything up. Kind of a neat option though.

Sep 8th, 08, 9:46 PM
The date on my alternator is OC4 is that going to effect the price either way?

Sep 8th, 08, 9:54 PM
Not much if any. Good LS6 date.

Sep 9th, 08, 12:03 AM
Cool! Thanks