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: 274 XE Comp Cam Concerns

Oct 10th, 04, 3:10 PM
I am considering installing a Comp 274 XE cam in a 402 BB. Is anyone currently running this cam; if so PLEASE advise on some issues concerning the XE Grind. Is there excessive valve train noise? Can a properly setup single spring/damper live reasonally well with this cam; not exceeding 5500 RPM. How is overall performance? Does it give a good healthy lope at idle? Would going on a 108 LSA instead of a 110 make this cam much lopier? I want LOPE without totally destorying low end performance. I do understand there is a trade off. Thanks in advance for responses.

Jesse Robertson

Bob West
Oct 10th, 04, 3:17 PM
My son runs it in his 355,the hydraulic version,nice lope,no noticeable valve train noise(we used the Lunati "microlube lifters" on it),has run 13.41@ 100 mph best in a 82 Cutlass with 3.50 gears. I think that I'd go with the 108 LSA version,narrower but peakier torque range.

Oct 10th, 04, 5:27 PM
I wouldn't hesitate to try the solid version of this cam.

For reference I run a xs268 solid cam(230/236@.050) in a 355 with world s/r heads(1.94/1.5) and i've run as fast as 13.4@102.9 in a 81 HEAVY Camaro(3800Lbs+ race weight). For comparision I know of people running the hydraulic version(xe268) and even with incredibly better heads(trick flow 23s) run identical time/mph to me(in the same 2nd gen camaro).

Oct 10th, 04, 7:10 PM
I have that cam in my engine, its on a 110. But i havent started the motor yet, hopefully in the next week or so i can get it broke in. The valve springs that are recomended for that cam are dual spring. I am breaking it in with the singles though. My engine builder was pretty high on this cam, he said it would give me the lope i want and is a good cam to run nitrous on, which i plan on doing at some point. when i get it started ill let ya know what i think of it. Im pretty anxious to hear the idle. id be intrested if anyone else runs the same solid cam and what they think of it to. would love to hear what it sounds like

Oct 10th, 04, 7:36 PM
Jesse, I have the 274xe in my 69ss 402BB. I think its a great cam for what your looking for. I dont think there is a whole lot of valve noise and the lope is just right. I'm using it on a 402 with merlin oval ports and a performer rpm intake , 4speed tranny to 4:11 gears. Torque is great and pulls hard through 6K. I've had it for 3 years and so far no problems what so ever besides the occassional check of the lash , etc. Of course, just give some thought to match the other componets as well....headers, intake, carb, ignition etc. Everthing should be tried to match to the same goal of what you want in the engine.

Oct 10th, 04, 9:18 PM
i'm running the 274H in a 454. with dual plane and 830 dp i get 13" of vacuum in gear and it works my power brakes fine. i would highly recommend you use the proper springs though. although it makes good power i wish i went with a solid cam. mike

Oct 10th, 04, 9:22 PM
Thanks guys for all the great info, bubi if I may ask what LSA are you running? I assume is also a hydraulic cam you run. I do not really want to go to a solid lifter cam. The car will mostly see street duty BUT it will also see 5 grand or so from time to time. Anthony would like to hear from you after the cam break in run ok. Robert, I realize your son runs this cam in a SB so how does that compare to a BB? I mean valve train noise and living, BB valve trains seem to make some noise under the best conditions. Thanks again guys. Anyone else please feel free to jump in here.


Bob West
Oct 10th, 04, 9:47 PM
I was making reference to the Xtreme Energy line of cams which some have said they are known to make noise similar to a solid cam with their aggresive ramps,,,the cam in his car makes nowhere near the noise of a solid cam, I'm running a Lunati solid in my car currently, will be a Comp billet solid roller next year graemlins/thumbsup.gif

its been EDITED: I apologize for taking it wrong,something about the "smallblock reference and living" I took wrong,again I apologize Jessie graemlins/beers.gif

Oct 11th, 04, 4:54 AM
I had the xe 274 in my 454. It had great low to mid range.Should be a good choice for your combo. I really liked mine until my block cracked

Oct 11th, 04, 9:48 AM
Hey Robert, I do not know where I went wrong with my post guy, please read it again, in no way was I trying to offend you, as a matter of fact I always have enjoyed reading your post in the past. Is is not my nature to take a shot at anyone. First of all I am 63 but new to the BB world, I have been messing with SB's since 1957. I can assure you my 396 valve train seems to to be sonewhat louder than the GM Crate 350 I removed. I was/am only going on what numerous local BB folks have told me concerning BB valve train noise. Bottom line if I offended you in anyway I apologize to you in public. ALL I was trying to do was find out from folks on this site their personal experience with this particular grind cam in a 402 BB (apples and apples), surely not questing anyone's knowledge in general. I have no experience or dealings with roller cams and cannot afford one anyway. I hope I have cleared the air on this situation. Everyone I do appreciate your help and responses.

Jesse Robertson

Oct 11th, 04, 12:51 PM

I ran a XE (hydrolic) cam - though not the 274 (I think mine was the 262), on a 110 in my 408 BB with Comp roller tipped rockers and stock stamped rocker covers.

Although it ran well enough, had an ok lope (the 274 in a 402 would have more lope), and made about 17" of vacuum it made a lot of noise. Of course everyone has their own idea of what "a lot of noise" actually is. I chose a hyd cam because I wanted it quiet but this cam was louder than a lot of solids I've heard. I could hear the thing anytime I was motoring next to a jersey wall, guard rail, or another vehicle. First I thought maybe the roller tipped rockers were contributing so I swapped them for a set of stock stamped rockers. No change. Engine builder listened to it and agreed it was loud, and Comp said it was just the nature of the cam. Then it lost a lobe after about 3k miles.

The UD mild solid cam that's in the engine now is far and away noticably quieter than that XE cam was.

Just my observations. Good luck with your selection.



Just saw Scott's post (below). That was my experience with the XE cam too, was quieter when cold but got louder when warmed up. NO amount of adjustment will fix it.

Trust me Scott, it's almost certainly the cam.

Oct 11th, 04, 12:58 PM
I am running that same cam in my 396, It does seem to make some noise, but I'm not sure it is from the cam, because it only seems to do it when up to FULL temp.. When it cools down, it's totally quiet..

I have heard people say that the XE line can be a little on the noisy side though..


Oct 11th, 04, 1:09 PM

If you do not mind waiting until December, there will be another choice, that is NOTICABLY quieter than Brand C, and makes more power, besides.
I promise it......


Oct 11th, 04, 1:34 PM
Thanks Don, Scott and Harold, All the above info is very much appreciated and will help me make a decision in the near future.

Oct 13th, 04, 8:38 AM
Robert, Thanks guy for the edit, it was just a misunderstanding between us and once again I was not trying to get smart or cute with my answer. As I said before I have always enjoyed your post and felt they were helpful to folks like me. I use to do a little drag racing but now I only go to shows and cruise ins. Getting old I guess but the lack of resouces is the biggest hold back. Thanks again for your edit post and the best to you.

Oct 13th, 04, 10:18 AM
I have the XE268 in my 402 now.It is a noisy cam. I've had people think it's a solid. The comp guy at CB03 said that they will be more noisy that a reg. cam becuase of the ramps. It has a sightly choppy idle so your 274 should sound better(choppier) :cool:


Oct 13th, 04, 10:21 AM
Oh yea, I hope you used the black moly lube on the cam lopes...The red comp lube is alot thinner and has a tendency to run off if the motor sits for sometime.Then the cam goes flat. I speak from experience,use the moly lube....


Oct 13th, 04, 10:55 AM
Second on the molly based lube..Have the wiped cam in the garage to remind me not to use the Comp red junk..

As far as the XE being noisy, as I stated earlier in this string, my XE 274H only makes noise when the engine reaches full temp..Is this normal???

I'm still not sure it's the cam, the only way I can describe it is that it sounds like the engine is running dry, but there is NO fluctuation in the oil pressure.. It runs at 40 pounds while cruising(when it is making the noise). Any Ideas??


Oct 13th, 04, 2:26 PM
Any specs on that newbie? :D


Oct 13th, 04, 2:46 PM
Harold's old 280/288 is also a nice 396/402 grind with some gear.

Oct 14th, 04, 1:37 AM
I am running the xs274s solid in my 408 small block. Car just got up and running so no storys to tell. Cam does not seem to have excessive noise and has a nice little lope to it.

Oct 14th, 04, 12:06 PM
You folks, (to many to thank individuality) have been great and I really appreciate ALL your post. I believe I can soundly make a decision now cam wise. Thanks again for the info


Oct 14th, 04, 9:23 PM
My experiences with Comps Xtreme line of cams is that they are noisy. Does not matter if the cam is a flat tappet hyd, hyd roller or flat tappet solid. These cams are all noisier than Crane or Crower of like type and size. The Xtreme Energy cams all have performed well but made some racket in doing so.

Oct 15th, 04, 10:22 AM
Wait until December.


Oct 15th, 04, 11:10 AM
Can't wait, sounds like UDHarold has some new stuff ready to unleash---------Cool

Oct 15th, 04, 11:19 AM
Good, I'll need one for a 496 mellow "stock type idle" mill that won't see more than 5500. Can't have all that XE racket in a "396/325HP" engine bay. Quiet is key.

Oct 15th, 04, 1:02 PM

The XE grinds are loud and, apparently, this noise is "normal" (according to CC) - if not desirable. From what I understand the noise is from the quick ramps allowing the valves to hit the seats fairly hard.

Trust me when I tell you - no, there's nothing you can do about it. To make the issue even more unpaletable the noise isn't even as sweet as that from a true solid lifter cam. IMHO anyway.

The UD solid in my 408 BB is far quieter than that XE cam was.