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: Steering Column 70 Chevelle

May 30th, 08, 4:05 PM
Hey there guys, I have a 70 Chevelle with the steering wheel off and the turn signal out I think I am missing a c clip to hold the turn signal and plate in. Is that what holds it in. Does anyone have a picture of this . This is the way I got it and cannot get the steering wheel back on.


May 30th, 08, 4:19 PM
This site should help you out.
Just look for your type of column you have.
I think the part your are looking for is called the retaining ring.

May 30th, 08, 8:36 PM
fantastic web site. Found just what I needed.
Thanks Again for the help !!!

May 30th, 08, 9:52 PM
Your welcome.:thumbsup:
Oh yea just so you know Jim is a member here on this web site.