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: floor shifter for 700R4 transmission

Aug 11th, 04, 4:45 AM
Hey everyone,

I've got a couple of things to bring up here, all centered around the fact that I want to put a floor shifter in my 700R4 equipped Chevelle. I'm still somewhat new to the scene so please excuse me for being naive at all.

First of all, I've heard that B&M's Quicksilver is a solid shifter to use. However, I've browsed websites and some say it fits the 700R4 and some say it don't. Might anyone be able to clear this up for me? Perhaps someone using a Quicksilver shifter on a 700R4...

Secondly, for anyone with floor shifter/700R4 experience, is there any shifter out there that you may think is best suited for the 700R4? Any stories and/or recommendations? I would appreciate them greatly.

Thanks to anyone reading my post. Peace graemlins/beers.gif

Aug 11th, 04, 7:03 AM
I'm pretty sure you can use stock stuff and get a conversion kit from shiftworks.

67Super Sport
Aug 11th, 04, 9:35 AM
GO to B&M's web site. They have all their shifters listed and what trans they will work with. And yes the Quicksilver will work with a 700R4. If you are going to drive it on the strip and want a dependable shifter get the Pro Stick or Pro Ratchet. I used a Megashifter and had some problems with the shifter skipping drive and going straight into N. For a street vehicle just pick one that you think would best suite you and your ride.


Aug 11th, 04, 12:02 PM
Im a fan of the Mega Shifter. I had one in my Camaro on my 700R4 & that was enough to hook me on those shifters. I put one in my roadster on my C4 & now have one in my 66 Chevelle on the TH400.

They can be tricky to adj in, but they work fine once adjusted in. I found out later that the bracket on the trans was modified a little to get better geometry for the 700/200r's.


Aug 11th, 04, 3:01 PM
I took the opportunity to go to a floor shifter when I upgraded to a 700R-4 in my 70. I went with a B&M Pro Ratchet and have never looked back.

The instructions are very good and once you get it adjusted (which is pretty simple), you'll be fine. There is no way to miss a shift and once you see the shifter itself...you'll see how well it's made.

I've helped put some Hurst shifters in and also seen some of the other B&M stuff in action. I don't think any of them measure up in a street/strip situation. The only other one I hear that is comparable is the Turbo Action Cheetah. I think Brian (Motor Martyr) is pretty fond of that one.

Check out all of the features of any shifter and see what they offer. Then compare that with what you want/need. If you research it enough, you'll come up with what you want and be happy.

Good luck! smile.gif

Aug 11th, 04, 5:22 PM
I use a Quicksilver with my T400. It is adjustable for either a 3 or 4 speed auto. Fairly easy to use. Instead of a lockout lever, you lift the shift lever up to go from Prk to Rev or Drive.

Aug 12th, 04, 2:13 AM
Seen a number of people who couldn't figure out to lift up on it to get it out of park. :D
May slow down the joy riders at least...