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: what's this 396 from?

May 14th, 08, 4:08 PM
The #'s on the block are TO1IIET 18Z61819. This engine is in a 68 chevelle but doesn't match vin.

May 14th, 08, 4:55 PM
Here's the choices:
ET 67 396 Chevelle 325 L-35 TH-400 4-Brl
ET 68 396 Chevelle 325 L-35 TH-400 4-Brl

As the partial vin shows an 8 ,kinda narrows it down.

May 14th, 08, 5:36 PM
I assume the number is stamped wrong or mistyped since the sequence number is only 5 digits but being a Fremont stamp, it'd have to be a 68 Chevelle as Mike noted.

May 14th, 08, 5:59 PM
Could be why it doesn't match the VIN ;)

May 14th, 08, 6:09 PM
That and being a early-mid January car by the engine date, the sequence should be in the high 120's range 128xxx, 129xxx. Kinda suspect. Even if it was 161819 that'd be mid July. :confused: