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: 71 chevelle front drums ???

May 13th, 08, 3:54 PM
wasn't 1970 disc brake became standard.
I just picked up a 71 cxhevelle and it has drums up front, is this correct or were they possibly swap out for a less drag drum set up ??? (I've heard these type of rumors before)



May 13th, 08, 4:32 PM
They still had drum brakes on the malibu or base models in 70. Power disc brakes were an option for the 70. J50 was power drum brakes for $42.15 and JL2 power disc brakes for $64.25. For 71 the Z15 SS package included power disc brakes. But I have seen pictures of 71's with drum brakes.

May 13th, 08, 6:09 PM
My 71 came from the factory with 4 wheel drums.
Perfectly normal.

May 13th, 08, 6:12 PM
Non power front disc brakes became standard in 1973 on the A bodies. Power booster was optional.