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: Incredible!!!

May 2nd, 08, 2:06 PM
So I got my 72 Malibu back from the shop about two days ago and its like driving a new car now. I had a Tom Lee 800 series steering box along with opgis front and rear sway bar kit (including the boxed control arm kit) installed. All of this was the finishing touches to a few other things that Ive done to the suspension including rebuilding the front end with CPPs kit, converting from manual drums to power discs also using CPP including 2 drop spindles, putting in Edelbrock shocks, Eibach springs, and CPPs tubular upper control arms. All of these upgrades have stepped up my handling and ride so much that its unbelievable. When I bought my car about 3 years ago the suspension and handling of the car was horrible. Part of it was just the nature of the beast but other problems came from years of neglect and 35yr old technology. So after getting tired of feeling like I had no control of my car and feeling like I could wreck at any given second I did my research on this forum and elsewhere and 3 years later (and a whole lot of dollars later too!) I can finally say that Im satisfied with my handling.:hurray: So I thought Id just give my recipe for success to anyone else that might be trying to do the same thing.

72 malibu
May 2nd, 08, 4:46 PM
Cool! I used CPP'S(Matt's Classic Bowties) disc kit as well and re-did the entire suspension. Went from power assisted drums to cross drilled/slotted disc up fron stock rear and it def. stops a whole lot better now. Quick ratio gear box and new spring/shocks/tires also help out the situation.

May 2nd, 08, 4:48 PM
isn't it great that with just a few bolt on parts, you can have a 35 year old car that feels like something you just drove off a new car lot a week ago?
my Nova was like that- and i only had about $1000 into the suspension (stock Moog replacement parts with stiffer Moog springs)and brakes (12" C4 Corvette fronts) on that car and used $15 shocks from NAPA.
i'm thinking of getting one of those new steering boxes for my Monte, and of course getting stiffer springs and new bushings and what not for it, as well. it rides nice now, but handling isn't exactly stellar.

May 4th, 08, 2:14 PM
I just did the Tom Lee gear box swap its awsome aint it.