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: pressure control valve swap 1969

Apr 26th, 08, 9:20 PM
Hi have just one last question concerning this Grand cherokee gearbox swap for my power steering pump. I have the stock 1969 version with male fitting on the back for the pressure hose. I have read it is good for around 950 psi . Question can I just swap out the control valve from a newer power steering pump one that is rated around 1400 psi (pumps after 1972 I believe) and still keep the male fitting????

Apr 28th, 08, 11:49 PM
This one?

Yes you can, these parts will interchange in most pumps from 64 - 94.

Another consideraton is flow. The size of the orifice will dictate flow and the spring and amount of washers under the nut will affect PSI.

Apr 29th, 08, 12:27 AM
Thanks Phillip yes that is the one I wantd to swap out for a updated metric one and still keep the male fitting. My concern was the piston (control valve) from the standard pump is slighly different from the metric. The standard control valve piston has a flat face wheras the metric has a concave groove in it thought it may be an issue. Ill post picsas soon as I learn how to better explain this.

Apr 29th, 08, 1:37 AM
Ah to hell with it I am just going metric all the way, guess I should have not bought these adapters from Lees manu.:clonk:.The pressure hose is the last step in my gc gearbox conversion. So now I just need a all metric pressure hose any ideas? think I might try one from a 1980 camaro The installation is easy its the tracking down parts that is a headache with this swap. The adapter would work fine with the 1969 pump but i choose not to because of its 950 psi output

Apr 29th, 08, 8:10 PM
What I did...

I converted over to all metric. Then went down to the local parts place to thumb through catalogs to find a comparable steering hose. Every time I found a picture of something close enough to look at they did not have it in stock. And the ones in stock were just not quite close enough.

So I gave up and went all AN and steel braid. You will need a 16mm and an 18mm adapter for the gearbox and pump. Example at Summit: RUS-648060 and RUS-648080. From Speedway Motors: 6174806 and 6174808. Then you will need high pressure hose and end fittings. Summit only sells the hose in 3' chunks while Speedway sells by the foot, and you only need about 2'. That makes Speedway cheaper. So from Speedway you get to choose between Eaton teflon lined steel braid hose or Aeroquip FC300. Different ends are used on each. I went for the Eaton teflon #6173259 and I used 2x #6172042 90* ends on both ends of the hose and regretted it (those ends are Aeroquip #FBM1122 BTW). It works but is a real pain to get tightened up and clocked correctly to fit. If I were to do it again I would find some way to put a straight fitting on one end of the hose. Total cost was about $50.