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: Hesitation because of stall???

Apr 14th, 08, 9:25 AM
I've read alot of posts on the forum here in search of the answer to my problem. I'm having a bad hesitation when I gun it while in gear. It does fine when I slowly accelerate and when it's in park/neutral there's no hesitation (even when I gun it). But as soon as I slam on the accelerator it bogs down big time.

I just did a tranny swap which included a different stall converter. I decided to try the stall converter that came with the newer tranny I got, which was a 2200 ish stall. My stall converter was 3200-3500 stall from summit (before the swap).

So now I'm planning on putting the higher (newer and nicer) stall converter back in the tranny. Will this fix it? Why is there a hesitation with the new stall converter? What can I do with the new stall converter in to get rid of the hesitation (if I elected to leave it in the car)? Just want a good understanding of why it's doing what it's doing.

Apr 14th, 08, 10:35 PM
It does have a very big cam, I guess I should have mentioned that. It's a 383 stroker and did great before the tranny swap.

Apr 14th, 08, 10:42 PM
yeah you brought the engine down too far in th rpm range ..... your cam isn't liking it .......... put the old one back in and you'll be fine ........... your trying ot engage the trans out of the powerband and torque of the engine. with a big cam I can see why it would hesitate ........ it doesn't make much down low torque with a huge cam . hope that helps ..