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: 65 rear antenna placement template

Apr 12th, 08, 4:44 PM
I am looking for the rear antenna placement template for a 1965 Malibu SS. Mt bodyman misplaced the template that came with the OEM antenna so I am looking for a copy. If you can help please e-mail me at Z16@juno.com.


Apr 12th, 08, 9:46 PM
Hi Bob
I don't have a template, but I do have an original quarter on my car with rear antenna. I could take some measurements. Did you get that grille put in ?

Apr 12th, 08, 9:58 PM
Hello Scott,
Thanks for the response. Rich Cummings suggested that the assembly manual would have the exact measurements and placement that I would need. I have the manual at the body shop. I will check to see what is available in the manual on Monday. If I run into a snag, I will drop you a line.

As for the Grille, I will be in paint within a week and will be ready to install the grille by the end of the month. Hopefully. I will keep you posted and will send pic's.

Thanks again,
Bob (Z16):thumbsup: