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: Has anybody used Flowmaster 3" tailpipes?

Bubba's 69
Apr 2nd, 08, 8:16 PM
I found these pre-made tails and I wondered if anybody can give me some insight on how they fit, where the pipe exits(pics?), and how it sound's with a flowmaster muff. I love the sound of flow's with dumps, but I haven't heard them through a 3" tail. If somebody had a video it would be great.

If the fit for 3" isn't great, would 2.5" be better? Here are the links to the pipes.

3" Tails (http://www.autozone.com/sku,780700/partTypeId,01930/vehicleId,1467803/store,2680/shopping/partProductDetail2.htm)

2.5" Tails (http://www.autozone.com/sku,783231/partTypeId,01930/vehicleId,1487406/store,2680/shopping/partProductDetail2.htm)

Thanks, Marty

Apr 2nd, 08, 8:38 PM
I just put FM 3" tails on my 70 they are two piece and need to be wiggled jiggled and finessed pay attention to tire clearance before you lock them up. The last foot or so has a slight bend downward that I could have done without and I put Pypes SS extensions

Apr 2nd, 08, 11:15 PM
Here is a link to consider. Not the cheapest. But very nice stuff. Take a look at some of the pics. They offer 2 styles of tail pipes. Stright out the back under the bumper. Or the tucked up style with angled ends that hide the pipes but allow just the tip to stick down to clear the panel under the bumper ( Valance? Spell check me Joe from PA.) lol I preffer the tucked up style with angled ends at the exit. Looks factory. Here is the link to the GM page 2.5,3.0,and 3.5 inch exhaust kits with prices:
Hope this helps.