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: Short Spark Plugs For Headers

Mar 12th, 08, 2:16 PM
Can someone tell me what difference the length is for the short header spark plug VS the standard spark plug comparing plugs for a small block 350.
I have Hooker headers and it's really hard to change plugs so was wondering if shorter plugs would make a difference.

Does one need to change heat range running a short plug?

I found this conversion chart.

Mar 12th, 08, 2:44 PM
I just found my answer..

The overall length has been reduced 1/4" to 3/8" (depending on the specific spark plug) to gain critical air gap space between the spark plug boot and the exhaust manifold or header tube. The shorter spark plug length also can make it easier to install and remove the spark plugs in certain applications where there is not a lot of room to fit a socket or move a wrench around.

Mar 12th, 08, 4:37 PM
I use short style spark plugs and they do give the extra clearence needed to keep the spark plug boot from touching the header. I also bought a low profile spark plug socket to help with removal of the plugs. Its still nice and shiny, havent had a chance to use it yet.

Mar 12th, 08, 9:03 PM
Don't feel bad I use a combination of 4 tools to change my spark plugs

Mar 12th, 08, 9:48 PM
I am going to have the same problem to do accel make short cold or med heat range plugs to work with bowtie aluminum heads

Mar 12th, 08, 10:32 PM
Me too...I hope this socket works. Hell, I used to have to pull my engine to change plugs (angle plug heads with straight plug headers just don't get along).