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: electric water pump on street?

Feb 16th, 01, 11:28 PM
Was wondering if it would be overkill to run one of those trick c.s.i. electric waterpumps on the street. I'm building a big block to put in my 67 and really like the looks of these pumps, and the idea of not having to drive the water pump off the engine. Any experience with these or other electric pumps? suggestions, advice? Weekend driver only.

Pat Kelley
Feb 16th, 01, 11:54 PM
From what I've heard it would be underkill. Electrics, so all my hot rod buddies tell me, just don't cut it on the street.

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Feb 17th, 01, 6:03 AM
I seem to remember about two years ago, either Moroso or Weiland was coming out with a street electric pump. You might try calling Summit or Jegs and see if they know anything about them. One othere concern is coming up with a way to mount the alternator since you can no longer mount it of the waterpump.

Hope this helps

Jimmy P
Feb 17th, 01, 9:44 AM
I don't think the street versions ever materialized due to durability problems. One Very cool thing I did see at a car show was an alternator's internals built into the back of a standard long shaft water pump. It was hidden. This really cleaned up the motor. I think they're available for retail now, but don't know where.

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Feb 17th, 01, 10:24 AM
Mezziere makes an engine mounted and remote mounted electric water pump that will work. I had one (remote mount) on a blown 406 Chevy in a Cobra replica; NEVER went over 190 degrees, even sitting in traffic at 105+ degree weather.

They offer two types. The street version flows 35 gallons per minute, and the high-performance/race version flows 52 gallons per MINUTE! They are big enough to maintain the flow and pressure you'll need on a street car. I ran the race version (52 gpm) on my car with NO problems). The CSI I don't believe offers flow ratings this high. Most of the Moroso, etc. kits are for race cars only with flow rates around 18-20 gallons per minute.


Feb 17th, 01, 10:31 AM
I dont know about running electric pumps on the street. Mezziere(spelling???) makes some units that flow more gph. Their high flow units supposedly flow enough(their claim) they were helpfull answering my question. Search for www.mezzerie.com (http://www.mezzerie.com) or what ever their name is

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Feb 17th, 01, 12:52 PM
Go to stewartcomponents.com These pumps are standard type (belt driven) and they are absolutely great. I put a Stage 1 on my 454 and it dropped the coolant temp. 15 to 20 degrees with no other changes. All for only $90.00! Great cooling system forum too!

Feb 17th, 01, 4:51 PM
Great suggestions. As I said, this car will only be driven on weekends. Obviously, if I can get a pump that flows enough g.p.m. I would be ok. I remember the trick about the alternator inside the water pump pulley, if anyone knows where I could get one, let me know. Thanks.

Feb 17th, 01, 6:14 PM
Check out www.daviescraig.com.au/newproduct.html (http://www.daviescraig.com.au/newproduct.html)
Works on rally cars,but it is a little expensive.

Feb 17th, 01, 7:01 PM
I do run one on my 68 and have'nt had any problems but plan on buying another one to keep in the car just incase.It does run much cooler[165] at all times.I really like it but would keep an extra on in your car[plus the tools to change it].


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Feb 17th, 01, 7:13 PM
I have a Meziere, but I can't comment on how it performs yet. (a few weeks away from completion).

I know of people that run the CSI pumps on the street, and they have not had any trouble. One of them is running a 11:1 588 BBC.

One important thing to keep in mind is where you will mount your alternator when you get the electric pump! I'm at this point right now, and it's not a simple fix. I phoned Meziere, and they said "I don't know!" They told me that they though MARCH made a setup. I phoned March and they make a crank pulley, alternator pulley, an alternator bracket, and an idler pulley, your for only $465US!

I ended up with a East Coast Auto Electric that required heavy grinding to clear my balancer, and I had to order a special offset fitting from Meziere to clear my alternator, and then I have to hope that I can a hose that can clear the alternator. (I have about 2" total from my rad outlet to the pulley on the alternator)


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Feb 18th, 01, 3:24 PM
I think that cop cars run electric water pumps so I don't know why you couldn't on any street motor.

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Feb 18th, 01, 9:58 PM
I hadn't even thought about the alternator yet, guess i better check out brackets, etc. Thanks. Good to know that I can probably get away with it if i can find brackets for the alternator.

Feb 19th, 01, 6:47 PM
I have used a Meziere 35 GPM electric pump, without a thermostat, on my 540 powered street car for over 2 years now and haven't had a minute's trouble with it. I do carry a spare just in case, though. I also use two 14" SPAL fans and they work just fine in this Texas heat. I also used the East Coast Auto Electric alternator bracket that tucks the alternator down real low and out of sight.

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Feb 19th, 01, 7:55 PM
I was going to use the low mount alt. brackets from jegs. $80 and they are just black, and low key. Just what I am looking for. I was also considering a 140 alt. too. anyone use those brackets?

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Feb 21st, 01, 6:32 AM
I was going to run an electric pump but after some research i stayed with a mechanical. If you go to the Stewart web page they have realy good tech page that will explain the relationship between flow and pressure( although the electric has good flow numbers it lacks pressure to remove heat). I also talked to the dyno operator at Sonny's and he said he ran both and the mech pump worked better because he could get the motor to run leaner because it would run cooler and make more power. I guess you can only tune to your hottest cylinders (5 & 7). I asked about temp gauge readings and each source indicated the temp is taken in only one spot.