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Feb 22nd, 08, 11:15 PM
I was just the lucky recipient of a pair of decent used slicks and rims from a friend of mine. They are M/T ET Drag 28.0 x 10.5 x 15. They came with a set of 10" rims, but I need to change the backspacing or get different rims.

After listening to many of you talk about wheel studs with slicks, could someone tell me what the Track requirements are in general, as it pertains to running slicks with my setup. It is a stock open 10 bolt, but my friend said to use the slicks anyways. Also, he said I could run them tubeless or with tubes...any suggestions ?

It would be a drag to come all that way to get turned away at the gate, so here is a basic list of safety gear on my car,(or will be on it by the time I get there,). Please let me know if I'm lacking something for safety, for what I hope will be a 12 second or so car. Thanks. :thumbsup:

10 pt cage, 5pt harnesses, Snell approved helmet and collar, no rubber fuel line, roll-over valve for fuel cell, oil pressure cutout switch for fuel pump, sealed battery box in trunk with external shut-off, drive shaft safety loop mounted w/i 6" of trans tail shaft, sealed firewall between trunk and pass. compartment, nitrous lines routed under car from trunk, expansion tank for rad, functioning neutral safety switch. I can't think of anything else.

Do I need a special licence to run there ? I am a total newb to sanctioned drag racing. Any input would be appreciated. :yes:

Feb 22nd, 08, 11:24 PM
No special License till You go under 10.0, I think.

I'd suggest open end lugnuts, with Your slick's.

With Those slick's, if You hook, You can kiss that 10 bolt GOODBYE.:yes:

Feb 22nd, 08, 11:53 PM
Those are the same tires I'm running and yes they hook, just ask my axel...:D

Feb 23rd, 08, 12:20 AM
If they are a straight up backspacing, they will fit with those rims (8 inch rim, 4 inch BS). If a 8 inch rim, a 4.5 BS is even better

Feb 23rd, 08, 12:21 AM
If running slicks you need a driveline loop for sure but you got that covered already.

Feb 23rd, 08, 12:23 AM
But 10s he probably will need a 5.5" BS, right?
What is the BS John?

Dave....are you watching this...15 x 10" ?

Feb 23rd, 08, 12:26 AM
Yes, a 5.5 b/s would be best with a 10 inch rim as the section width gets a bit wide and may touch the outside lip.

Feb 23rd, 08, 12:26 AM
15 x 10, it's gotta be a 5.5 BS, or it aint gonna fit.

I bet it's 4" BS, and He need's to get to 5.5"BS. 10.5" tire, it's gonna have to have a 9-10" rim.

Feb 23rd, 08, 12:44 AM
I ran mine on a 8" rim.

Feb 23rd, 08, 12:49 AM
They were modded to fit his 65 Nova before he tubbed it. Had the centers brought way out. From the back of the bolt circle to the edge of the rim is 8". Not to mention they are dang ugly. What about the tube/no tube idea ?

BTW, do you see anything missing from my original list that will get me disq'd from the track ?

How his Nova looks these days. Ran a best of 10.21 at Mission last summer. 327 car with a little blue bottle.

66 Buick Special
Feb 23rd, 08, 3:25 AM
That's a sweet looking car John. I didn't notice any primer, but maybe that's on the other side... :p

Feb 23rd, 08, 3:30 AM
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