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: Help picking correct Torque Converter

Feb 13th, 08, 9:10 PM
I am in the process of shopping for a Torque Converter for my 72 chevelle. Currently has an old vega converter in it. Stalls about 2400. It is pretty much all race, I might have it out on the street a few times to take it up the boulevard and to a local car show.

It is back halfed with a ladder bar setup. It has one fiberglass seat, carpet and original dash and door panels. Fiberglass hood, trunk lid, and front a rear bumper. Weld Drag star wheels, 15x14 in rear with a 29.5x11.5W slick (30.4x14 actual) How much do you think it weighs?? 5.14 Rear gear. so far only raced 1/8 mile.

350 stock bore flat top 4 valve relief, double hump heads 64cc 1.94/1.5. I cut a lot out of the intake ports to try to get them to flow and to match up to my ported Weiand Team G intake. 750 DP 150shot sniper plate kit. Stock bottom end. According to desktop dyno I have 370hp@5500 and 380ftlbs@4500. then with 150 shot i have 520hp@5500 and 555ftlbs@4500.

Cam is a Lunati Bracket Master solid flat tappet
Lift is .500/.515
dur. @.050 is 256/270
adv. dur. is 300/310
lobe Sep. 112
Int. cl 108

Trans is a TH350 with shift kit, nothing special. It is a footbrake car. I am thinking about trying hooking up line lock to all 4 wheels and seeing how much rpm it can hold.

So far best in 1/8th mile on motor is 8.27@83 1.88 60ft. (this is with a blue racer cam .465/.488 lift hyd. flat tappet)

I need some help getting out of the hole, it feels pretty lazy. Any help is greatly appreciated.



Feb 13th, 08, 10:22 PM
Thats alot of cam dur. @.050 is 256/270 around a 4000 stall at least.


Feb 13th, 08, 10:59 PM
Thats alot of cam dur. @.050 is 256/270 around a 4000 stall at least.