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Feb 5th, 08, 7:46 PM
I am restoring a 1968 ss. I am trying to decide which transmission to use. I have a saginaw 4 speed that was rebuilt. Have been told that it would scatter behind my 396, which is built basicly just over stock. I do not want to put it in if that will happen. Can anyone help me with this. Will that happen, or am I worrying for nothing? Also, can anyone tell me what this trans is out of?


Tranny numbers are as follows.

Main Case GM 2 3825658
Side Cover GM 3920798 L 16 7
Tail Shaft 20 GM 3860042 b 22 8

Feb 5th, 08, 8:39 PM
Here's what I found out when building my 69 with 454. Street build, no racing, just some feel good experiences every now and then.
I too had a car with a Saginaw. The Saginaw was built by GM for 6 cylinder an small V-8 cars. Needless to say, not advised for a big block, and resale value with a Muncie makes it correct.
Find a good Muncie 4-speed 10 spline input 27 spline output and use that.
If I had to do it all over again I'd gow with a newly rebuilt Muncie rather than finding one, getting it built, etc. M-20 for 3:31 gear and down, M-21 for 3:55 up.
Several guys on here can recommend where to buy one completely rebuilt.
Good luck.