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: Intake Problems

Jan 26th, 08, 8:06 AM
I have a 1968 396 CE stamped motor, with casting number 3916323, a set of 1975 big block heads, and a edlebrock performer 2-0 intake. My problem is the intake does not fit between the heads correctly. There is a gap between the intake and heads. If I put the bolts in one side there is around 1/4 inch gap on the other side. Not sure what to do? I do have a 1969 396 motor as well, I took the intake from that engine and sat it between the heads, and it fit perfectly. So my dilema is what might this intake be for? If any one here has a need for this and has a 68 intake dated 10-11 of 67 I will trade. Hope someone can help. Thanks

Jan 26th, 08, 8:56 AM
sounds to me some one did some work to the heads.The heads must have been milled.You will have to get the center dome milled at an engine shop if you want to use those heads