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: Transmission books

Jan 12th, 08, 2:13 PM
So for a senior project I am going to rebuild and modify a th350 transmission, I would like to get a couple books on the matter. What do you guys recommend? I know of the Ron Sessions book, but does this cover modification of a transmission for double feeding the clutches and stuff. I've also been dealing with Jake's Performance, and his comes with step by step instructions.

This kind of intimidates me because I've had lots of bad experiences with transmissions. Any help is greatly appreciated.:yes:

Here's the book I was looking at 4294773544+115&autoview=sku

forcd ind
Jan 12th, 08, 2:19 PM
i used that book to do my first rebuild-the biggest thing to do is find someone to r & r the bushings

Jan 12th, 08, 3:57 PM
Check out this site,
Click on "Bookstore"
Everything you wanted know about trannys but were afraid to ask..LOL
Hope this helps

Jan 12th, 08, 8:06 PM
I would recommend the CD. It doesn't go into modifying the transmission but it does show step by step how to take it apart and put it back together. The Ron Sessions book is very helpful also. I just built my first transmission today. I hope to put it in next weekend.

christoforos kokkonis
Jan 12th, 08, 10:07 PM