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Unionjack 69
Jan 9th, 08, 5:05 PM
I need some new coolant hoses for my 69 307 Chevelle Malibu. Only problem is i live in the UK and i am not sure where to get them from. I am not looking for original parts, just a fair price. Any recommendations ? I have seen some listed on the internet including e-bay but they all seem to be for a 327 and above. Also 69 seems to be an odd year when they can be different. Do you know if the hoses are specific to a 307 ?



66 Chevelle Bob
Jan 9th, 08, 6:34 PM
Mike: Try "Ground Up" in CT for your hoses. I just found them in my latest catalog. Since they are the Team Chevelle sponsors and pay for our web site you can see there little ad on the front page. Just attach and check them out. It's always nice to buy from the company that feeds us.....Good Luck..

Bob in CT PS...Don't forget some new clamps too...!!

Jan 9th, 08, 7:05 PM
Check out ground up as suggested above..


Jan 9th, 08, 8:54 PM
www.rockauto.com or JC Whitney or NAPA online or Schucks/Kragen/Checker or Autozone. google 'em up. Don't know if any or all ship international. If you know a GI or US Gov't employee stationed over there, he can get them in the US mail. Search "AC Delco" online also Gates rubber and maybe Dayco.