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: Today is my B-day!

Joe Y
Dec 29th, 99, 9:09 AM
Justed wanted to say I'm 22 today!

Joe Y.
68 malibu
Bloomington/Normal, IL

Wes Colby
Dec 29th, 99, 9:18 AM
Happy Birthday Joe! So, what gift are you going to get for the 68', ehrr...uh I meant you?

1970 Malibu - 383 'Fog Fed' Brute Force Chevelle. Houston, Texas...Gold Member #39

Dec 29th, 99, 9:19 AM
Guess what?! My birthday's tomorrow (30th)and I turn 16 so I can actually drive my Elky!! I can't wait to get my permit! By the way, Happy B-day Joe!!

1970 Chevy Custom El Camino aka Kaileigh
Green Mist & Silver w/Green Vinyl Top
350ci/300HP 4bbl & Factory Dual Exhaust
Non-SS with Factory Rallies!
TH-350 Automatic - 2.73 Posi Rear
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Doug Garland
Dec 29th, 99, 9:35 AM
Man, we have some youngsters on here , don't we. I think I remember when I was 22, not real sure though, all that is kinda a BLURRRRRRRR! Never got I.D.'d till I was over 21 though.Mine is in August.Happy B-day Joe!

1972 Malibu (1 st. car) Project waiting to happen
Team Chevelle # 427
A.C.E.S. # 1282

Gene Chas
Dec 29th, 99, 10:09 AM
Happy B day Joe! For me 25 was an important milestone ( 1/4 century on earth with little done yet!).

Doug, I want your member number!!

Dec 29th, 99, 10:10 AM
Happy B-Day Guys!

Dec 29th, 99, 10:41 AM
Well I'm glad you guys are still young enough to still admit to it. Mine came and went a few days ago. That's all I am revealing, but I remember very clearly running down to the RR tracks 3 blocks from the house, to watch the trains go by, when I heard the train whistle. And there wasn't a DIESEL locomotive on the front either! I remember riding to downtown OKC with my mother on the streetcars in the 40s, too. I remember how big of a deal it was when the 1949 Olds & Cads came out with the new overhead valve V-8s.

Tom Parsons

Joe G
Dec 29th, 99, 12:45 PM
Joe Y,

It must be a "Joe" thing, it's my birthday today as well. However, I'm 47 today, geez I wish I was 22 again and knew what I know now. I'd have a stable full of LS6's and just sell off what I needed for my early retirement. BTW, "Happy Birthday" Joe Y!!

Joe Giniel
72 Chevelle SS
Team Chevelle #143
Aces #03056
West Bloomfield, MI

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Dec 29th, 99, 2:45 PM
Geez, Joe, I've got lint in my pocket older than that!! Just kidding! Wow! The first time I repainted my 70 Malibu, you were 6 years old! Happy Birthday!!

Dec 29th, 99, 4:34 PM
My car was already a classic when they were born! Happy Birtday guys.


Joe Y
Dec 29th, 99, 4:56 PM
Thanks a lot guys. I think I was born WAAAY to late. Fish out of water is the way to describe me. Funny thing is, I love my 68, but I want something older, like a 41 Willys. Right now though I REALLY want a 66 chevelle SS with a 4 speed. They're starting to grow on me. Friends and family haven't come over so I haven't got any presents yet, I think I'll put money into a new set of coated headers and exaust for my car present.

Joe Y.
68 malibu
Bloomington/Normal, IL