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: Cup holder for transmission hump

Nov 27th, 07, 4:16 PM
Can anyone recommend where to buy a cup holder to lie on the transmission hump? Whatever happened to those old ones that had the compartments filled with sand on either side to weigh down the holders? I've been to a number of auto parts/accessory stores and nobody seems to have anything that will work in my 65 Chevelle.

Nov 27th, 07, 5:18 PM
Why not make one?

Use MDF to make a box with a curved base to match the floor, then add a late model insert or even just a plastic cheapo attached to it. Cover it with matching seat vinyl or carpet material and voila.

or try Wal-mart or JC Whitney.

Jerry Briggs
Nov 27th, 07, 5:35 PM
My wife holds mine for me.

Keith Tedford
Nov 27th, 07, 5:41 PM
Doesn't someone make a cup holder that replaces your ash tray?

mad hooker
Nov 28th, 07, 12:04 PM
i was going to do the same thing just make a council on the tranny hump

Nov 28th, 07, 3:03 PM
The cup holders are on the inside of the glove box lid. :p We didn't drink and drive when these cars were built.:D:D

Nov 28th, 07, 11:22 PM

Found these:

They seem pricey for what they are...

Nov 30th, 07, 2:00 PM
On my 70 I used to just open the center console and set my drink there and roll with the lid open. Doesnt bother me, drink stays put because I usually have a clean towel in there, CD's, etc that hold it

Course, drinking in the car ended when a buddy spilled a HUGE big gulp in my back seat and I hate to yank the seat to mop it all up.

Even better - just keep one of those "foam dome" hard hats with holder and straw in your car. Then you can keep your drink on your head, no worries about cup holders and you wont have to reach for anything. This way you could even bang the gears and get wild and all the while your drink is safe.

I have tons of ideas about this.....mostly useless but ideas none the less..


Nov 30th, 07, 2:48 PM
I have been looking for something for my '69 as well. The ones I have seen so far (Walmart, Autozone etc) have small, plastic "spikes" underneath, to hold them to the carpet. Many of them will probably fit and work just fine, but they just look cheesy so for now I'll continue to hold the drink in my hand. Power steering and automatic transmission is a must though. :) Still, would be sweet if someone could come up with a nice looking console that blends in with the rest of the interior.

Nov 30th, 07, 3:23 PM
I would think a modelmaster like you could do it Olle! Just layer up some sheet styrene and start trimming until it fits!

I had thought about adding one to the top plate of my center console, but never got around to it.

Nov 30th, 07, 5:02 PM
Doesn't someone make a cup holder that replaces your ash tray?

brothers sells them...

they are a vendor for 50-80's g.m. trucks

Nov 30th, 07, 7:23 PM
National Parts Depot has console type and the type that fits in the ash tray.

Nov 30th, 07, 8:38 PM
Frankenstein nailed it, check out NPD, the console they have has two cup holders and is designed to fit over the humps for '64-'72 chevelles ($109.95)