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: Fuel Regulator Mounting

Nov 10th, 07, 9:59 PM
Has anyone mounted a fuel pressure regulator to the intake manifold? It really looks clean compared to say putting it on the firewall or inner fender well but I am worried about heat. The motor is a 540 making 700 hp with a Dart high rise intake. We will make a bracket and just use two of the existing intake manifold bolts to hold the bracket. Dual feed off the regulator, one to each side of the carb.

My buddy who is very knowledgeable and who is doing a lot of the work has built race cars and such before and he's not worried about it, but I am a worry wart, what can I say :o


Nov 10th, 07, 10:10 PM
I built a bracket and mounted mine to the passenger side head.Looks great and sits about perfect for being able to see the guage.

Nov 10th, 07, 10:17 PM
Yeah we momunted on the passenger side intake.. Here is a pic or two.