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: 1968 chevelle 300 deluxe sedan

Sep 23rd, 07, 6:04 PM
I just traded for a 1968 chevelle 2 door sedan very solid project car was a small block 4 speed when I got it (previous owner kept 4spd)little rust behind the wheels on both sides.front clip was taken off but is with the car hood has a big guaddy hood scoop.I plan to sell this anybody have any idea of a good asking price?I do have a clear title the engine is a rebuilt 283 with 11.5 to 1 compression aluminum intake holley carb etc.

Sep 23rd, 07, 7:22 PM
If you put the front clip on and dig up a stock hood (probably less than $100) and it runs you could probably get 2500-3k. The 68 Sedans don't have a real big following. Being a 4 speed might bump the price a little more too. Non running? My guess $1500-2k.