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: 1968 Street Strip

Sep 14th, 07, 11:29 AM
What do you guys think of this car?


I wish there were more detailed pics.

Sep 14th, 07, 11:42 AM
I guess he figures those $200 worth of stripes are worth $10,000
I absolutely hate the cowl hood that is on this car, the stripes were not necessary. I imagine it has a roll bar inside there, which I would hate. Its not a driver, its a race car.
If you want a race car, I guess its ok, but as a street car, nah. Its not a SS and I think you could build your own for less and have the motor you want.

Sep 14th, 07, 12:28 PM
Crack must be cheap these days since it seems a lot of people are smoking it.....I guess I'll have to ask the local talent where I'm currently working:D. Just remember, a car that does one thing really well usually does nothing else even mediocre. A street car and a race car are two different cars.

mr 4 speed
Sep 14th, 07, 2:00 PM
Would need to see more pictures of it but its not worth 30K

Sep 14th, 07, 8:39 PM
a car running 9's-low 10's is not a street car. "drive it home" it says; sure, if you live a few miles away from the guy.