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: anybody run a comp cams xe250

Jan 31st, 04, 3:11 PM
I'm looking for a cam to put in my 66 chevelle 283 and comp recommended the xe250. I'm looking for a little better gas mileage and throttle responce and they said that cam would be the best choice for my car. I'm gonna be running a holley 600 vs or a 525 road demon jr. on a edelbrock performer eps to replace the original 2 barrel. Just wondering if anybody has ran one yet and how they like it. Thanks, Kevin

Jan 31st, 04, 8:20 PM
I never used the XE250 but I did run the XE 256/268 on my BBC.... Idled smooth under the hood but still had a rupity out the exh..... Alot of people like this XE series of cams and many dont like them...I'm one of the later... After 3 years I removed it and put a different cam in......These XE do tend to have a fair amount of valve train noise.... often times sounding like solid lifter cams.... in fact my solid cam and my old XE hyd make about the same amount of tappet noise.... Personally I dont mind a solid cam makeing tappet noise but a hyd shouldnt.Many of the XE cams use an XE intake lobe and a HE ex lobe..but the XE250 uses a faster exh lobe so this " might " tend to be noisy....... These do tend to be harder on parts than a more conventional hyd cam.... if you are ok with that then go ahead.... if your not then maybe something a bit less " extreme " might be better.

Jan 31st, 04, 8:51 PM
Look at the Magnum 270H or 280H, they might be just right for that 283 screamer. graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Jan 31st, 04, 9:54 PM
If you do use the XE cam,don't use there red lube to install it...Get some of the grey/black moly lube to use.I have one of the xe268's in my BB402 :D They are a bit noisy like was mentioned above....


Jan 31st, 04, 10:13 PM
Ther 255 or 265DEH look like nice 'quiet' alternatives. 265 will have a bit of lope to it.

Mike Feudo
Jan 31st, 04, 11:58 PM
Cams fine, I would get a smaller carb. A 450 Holley or a Q-jet that you don't have the sec. open too soon.

Feb 1st, 04, 2:50 PM
I have Never agreed with anyone more Flywheel,that red lube in JUNK. 95% of it goes straight to the bottom of your oil pan 30 min after you put in your cam. I dont care what anyone says, the stuff is crap.