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: 72 Chevelle 402 with new Disc Brake system

Aug 28th, 07, 2:20 PM
Hello guys,

The disc brake system on my chevelle was rusty, etc. I thought I would buy a brand new disc brake kit and have it replace the old one along with the lines. This is what I found out. The prop. valve is located under the booster (which I do not like), and the calipers are on the rear sides of the rotors, not the front. Several guys have been telling me that the calipers are positioned in the rear because they get more stopping power than if they were mounted towards the front of the car. I can live with that I guess, I just always thought that the calipers were mounted on the front of the rotors originally. My biggest pet peeve is the prop. valve under the master cylinder. I bought new stainless steel lines and had them installed. Is it possible to use my old metal lines (they are in really nice condition, look close to new), with my new disc brake kit? What would I all have to change? I just want the engine compartment to look stock, and with that big valve and those lines running everywhere it defintely does not look stock. ANY HELP is APPRECIATED! -Derek

Aug 28th, 07, 2:43 PM
We replaced the front drums on mine with a salvage from a 72 Elky. We used the lines and the frame-mounted combo valve off the Elky. Got a reman master cylinder and it bolted up perfect. I had to tweak the rear main line at the combo valve very slightly to line it up.

Aug 28th, 07, 5:45 PM
Thanks for the reply! I found out that I am going to install the original brake lines back in my car and sell the stainless steel lines. I am going to go with the prop. valve down on the frame instead of under the master cylinder like it is now. Can anyone tell me why my calipers are on the rear side of the rotor facing the front of the car? The original service manual shows the rotors on the front of the rotor facing towards the rear of the car. Please let me know what is going on here? I had my old rusty disc brake system replaced with a new kit from ground up. Thanks!