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: 67 250 Six

Aug 27th, 07, 12:06 PM
"STOCK 67 Camaro 250 6 Cylinder w/ Power Steering option and Power Glide Trans. Motor worked great when I took it out, looks really good, was freshly tuned up, however trans slips.

Call, taking best offers.. "

I talked to him and he thinks it is the original engine in a 67 Camaro he bought and swapped in a 327. The car read 138k miles when he pulled the engine. He drove the Camaro for 2 years with the 250 before pulling it. Unknown if ever rebuilt. He was thinking $300 for the engine and trans (still attached). I don't want the powerglide.

Here's my thought process:

What does one pay for a 250? I wouldn't think very much which is half the reason I am considering it.

Aug 27th, 07, 12:37 PM
I GAVE my '67 Elky 6 cyl and tranny away. Ran perfect...I drove the car home from FL after purchase.

Aug 27th, 07, 5:11 PM
I think that is far too much for a 6 cyl of unknown condition. I say its worth core value, $50-100 for just engine. Let him sit on it for a while, it isnt going to sell at $300.

Aug 27th, 07, 8:28 PM
Thanks guys, that's what I figured.