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: Solutions for shot 1965 Malibu Doors...

Aug 16th, 07, 11:36 PM
My 65 2-door has door shells that are rotted out in the bottom corners and need new skins. I could probably handle the skins myself but am not really up to repairing the rust damage in the front bottom corners.

Since 1964-1965 are the only years that they don't reproduce full shells for :( I'm left finding some donors or repairing these. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to track down any donors online (or I don't know where to look). Any suggestions on sources? Ebay is empty, and I didn't see anything from google.

Or should I bite the bullet and see if I can resurrect my existing doors?

Aug 16th, 07, 11:55 PM
Look up Arizona Desert Specialties. If they can't help, contact True Connections in California.

Aug 17th, 07, 3:28 PM
ISN'T THE 66-67 INNER shell the same as the 65?

Aug 17th, 07, 7:27 PM
I would imagine that the inner shells are probably all the same, but if I can find something with an outer skin that matches too that will make life substantially easier. I picked up a driver's side complete 64 door today from True Connections, still on the lookout for a passenger door (preferably 65 so I don't have to fill in the different trim holes).

Thanks for the tip on True Connections, they had both a wiper motor I was looking for as well as one of the doors I needed! It's refreshing to talk to someone on the phone who knows what they are talking about as opposed to someone just reading off of a catalog!

Aug 18th, 07, 1:46 AM
How badly rotted are they?

Perhaps you can buy a 66-67 shell and scavenge the critical pieces onto your 1965 shells? The 65 must be pretty similar.

Personally, I just finished skinning two 1966 doors. The passenger door shell had some fairly serious rot in each corner. At first it looked pretty bad, but with some careful trimming, welding, and fabricating, I was able to save the shell. It came out looking really good. undetectable on the outside and pretty darned hard to see even on the inside...and I used NO body filler. just welding, a bit of lead and some patience.

BTW, the skins themselves are easy.Don't let them scare you. I did mine in less than 2 hours with only a body dolly and hammer, a grinder, a small sandblaster, some cup wirebrushes, some jorgensen clamps, wooden wedges, vise grips and a mig welder. I would rate the job as easy for anyone with any basic body skills.