: mid 90's alternative rock song

Aug 12th, 07, 6:26 PM
I can't remember the band name or song title, I drank a lot back then but the lead singer was a hot blond with pig tails and she bobbed her head when she sang in the video. I think they were a one hit wonder. Somebody help me out.

Aug 12th, 07, 7:02 PM
ummm, no doubt?

Aug 12th, 07, 7:17 PM
ummm, no doubt?

I don't think No Doubt was a one hit wonder... Aqua?? That damn barbie song...was that the 90's?

Aug 12th, 07, 7:20 PM
It wasn't a bubble gum pop song. If it came out today it would be on a new rock station.

Aug 12th, 07, 7:42 PM
For reference No Doubt:



Aug 12th, 07, 7:49 PM
It's not No Doubt. I've been trying to figure this out for two weeks.

Aug 12th, 07, 7:52 PM
Some reference to the lyrics would help a bunch.

Aug 12th, 07, 8:18 PM
All I remember is the tune and the girl.

Aug 12th, 07, 8:41 PM
Is there a band they they/she remind you of? Was she fat/skinny? was the band all female or just the singer/? Since alternative rock is a very general term can you maybe give some more specifics to narrow it down? These days AR can be anything from Smashing Pumpkins to Alanis Morrisette :wacko:

How about Phantom Blue?:


Aug 12th, 07, 9:34 PM
4 non blondes? they weren`t really that hot but thats the only girl band I can remember right now.

Aug 12th, 07, 9:44 PM
Was it Blondie?? and the song was "Call Me"

66 Buick Special
Aug 12th, 07, 10:17 PM
Roxette? No pig tails but figured I'd throw it out there.

Aug 12th, 07, 10:17 PM
Not Courtney Love?

Not Lena Lovitch? No, she had the pony tails but she also had a Viking hat (probably the wrong decade as well). Also she wasn't that hot; she seemed a little wacko after being a failed opera singer.

Junkyard Dawg
Aug 12th, 07, 10:21 PM
Was it Blondie?? and the song was "Call Me"

That's the late 70's, not the 90's.....

Aug 12th, 07, 10:47 PM
Shirley Manson from Garbage?? I don't think she was ever blonder though. I only remember her being a red head. She's still hot.

Aug 12th, 07, 10:48 PM
She looked like a surfer chick, the rest of the band was guys.

Aug 12th, 07, 10:59 PM
Surfer chick? what does that mean, she was wearing a bikini, a hula skirt? Dude your clues are just too vague. :wacko:

Aug 12th, 07, 11:08 PM
All I know is, I have heard nothing from the band since about 1994 or 95. The best comparison to the sound would be Belly if anyone remembers them.

Junkyard Dawg
Aug 12th, 07, 11:16 PM
I remember one song by Belly, that was Feed The Trees.

Can you think of any of the lyrics to the song?

Aug 12th, 07, 11:19 PM
All I remember is the guitar and the girl. I've gone down lists of bands from this time and can't find them.

Aug 12th, 07, 11:22 PM
You might try a jaunt through wikipedia:



Aug 12th, 07, 11:33 PM
THe Cardigans

Aug 12th, 07, 11:46 PM
"I'm a barbie girl"???

70 beater
Aug 12th, 07, 11:55 PM
Cranberries?Dance Hall Crashers?Letters to Cleo?Concrete Blonde?The Avengers?Hole?L7?Seven Year Bitch?Cycle Sluts From Hell?

What kind of music?Pop,rock,punk,ska,dance,trance,...

Aug 13th, 07, 12:03 AM
70 beater you have done it. Letters to Cleo is the one, she aint as hot as I remember but like I said, I was drinking a lot. Thanks

Aug 13th, 07, 12:12 AM
Letters to Cleo covered the song Cruel to be Kind

Aug 13th, 07, 12:27 AM
"Here and now" was the song I was thinking about. Just watched the vid on you tube, she was hot in the vid, the beer didn't cloud my vision.

70 beater
Aug 13th, 07, 12:47 AM
Glad to help.Got the "Cannonball" single and a c.d.,can't remember the name.Glad that's it because I didn't want to dig through all these c.d.s trying to guess which one,lol :)

Aug 13th, 07, 1:03 AM
The Lead Kay Hanley is still making music:


She did the vocals for the Josie and the pussycats Movie back in 01.
LTC also did a decent version of Cheap Trick" I Want You To Want Me for the "10 Things I Hate About You" Soundttrack

Junkyard Dawg
Aug 13th, 07, 1:10 AM
Cannonball was the Pretenders IIRC

70 beater
Aug 13th, 07, 1:29 AM
Cannonball was the Pretenders IIRC

I think you're right,or at least I'm wrong,I double checked and the single is "Here and Now" b/w "Big Star" and the album/c.d. is "Aurora Gory Alice".

Junkyard Dawg
Aug 13th, 07, 9:27 AM
Yep, she's a cutie, yep she bobs her head too....probably with all the band members too. :) Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=whr5g88bSAA

Aug 13th, 07, 10:58 AM
The 90s, was there any good music other than Guns and U2 in this decade?

Aug 13th, 07, 11:00 AM
I can't remember the band name or song title, I drank a lot back then but the lead singer was a hot blond with pig tails and she bobbed her head when she sang in the video. I think they were a one hit wonder. Somebody help me out.

or garbage

Aug 13th, 07, 11:26 AM
or garbage

I wouldn't call garbage a one hit wonder. They had a few hits from that one pink album they put out, then at least one hit from version 2.0

and certainly not Kittie. They just aren't as mainstream I'd say, but damn, do they rock!

Aug 13th, 07, 1:46 PM
yes I understand that but both had one hit that got alot of radio play..
and garbage had that song in the movie.. romeo and gewl...
that wasn't really a hit.. but alot of people saw that movie..
and yes kitty rocks

70 beater
Aug 13th, 07, 8:38 PM
That "Cannonball" song has been stuck with me since I posted it,had to dig through the c.d.s to find it.The Breeders "Cannonball" e.p.,title track plus "Cro-Aloha","Lord of the thighs","900".From '93.

Sid Coleman
Aug 13th, 07, 11:32 PM
"Stupid Girl" still sticks in my head-good song!

Tom's 68
Aug 14th, 07, 12:02 AM
that is the first time I ever heard that song. it is OK I guess, and yes she is cute. but nowhere as cute as the lady from the cardigans.
thanks for the link though, as a music lover of almost all kinds of music, it is cool to hear something you have never heard before that doesn't totally suck. :thumbsup:

Chris R
Aug 14th, 07, 2:31 AM
Letters to Cleo "here and Now" was the first thing that popped into my head. Still love that tune. I remember they were on one of those MTV shows once and I even still remember that chicks name. Kay Hanley. Hottie.:cool:

"Parody of yourself in color, giving it to everybody but your mother and... You've got much to think about."

And that fast part of the song thats hard to keep up with.

"The comfort of a knowledge of a rise above the sky above could
never parallel the challenge of an acquisition in the here and now."

Aug 14th, 07, 9:00 AM
Hearing the song and watching the vid brings back memories of working for beer money.