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: Question on 69 elky?

Aug 6th, 07, 9:36 AM
Do the 69 SS-396 elkys have only 2 colors specific to them like the chevelles? as in code 72 or 76. I am looking at one to buy close to me that has been in storage for years. All the SS stuff is there like the 12 bolt with sway bar, gage pac/tach turbo 400, motor is nom. Thanks in advance. Frank

Jim Mac
Aug 6th, 07, 10:34 AM
pretty sure the sway bar isnt original, el caminos didnt come with bars because of the air shocks. jim

Aug 6th, 07, 10:46 AM
I agree with Jim. 68--72 El Caminos never had a rear sway bar or rear boxed arms. Bottom line in 70 when I ordered my SS 454 M-22 Camino.
The F-41 Sus. Pkg. was not on the option list. Or F-41 was not an option in 70, on any El Camino. All 68-72 Caminos left the factory with air shocks. It could have been added over the years. HEY If it is a nice Elky get it!!!!! Bob

Aug 6th, 07, 11:47 AM
It is item # 330153694182 on ebay, check it out and let me know what you guys think... Frank

Aug 6th, 07, 12:51 PM
No real way to tell if it's real or not without paperwork. Even with special paint code on the trim tag. They can be changed. But....if it looks good in person, like Bob said, go for it. Just don't pay too much without paperwork to back it up.