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: Need Advice: 1970 Chevelle, 327 automatic, not restored

Jul 31st, 07, 2:39 PM
I'm new to Chevelles and need some guidance from people that know more than myself (you guys hopefully :D). There is one that popped up in my local paper. Here is the info...

1970 Chevelle, hardtop, 327 automatic, needs new passenger side door and both front fenders. All original glass, windows roll up/down, no major rust, needs new upholstery in the front, back seat is in great shape. Guy is asking $3000.

That's all the info I have now. I'm going to go look at it in a few hours and will know more then but would like to know if he's in the ballpark and maybe what I should offer. Thanks

Jul 31st, 07, 4:32 PM
Sounds like a great deal if it runs.

Jul 31st, 07, 5:25 PM
Went and saw the car, here's some additional info.

It definitely runs. However, the 327 is out of a 1965 model...good or bad? Also, the bed of the trunk is more rusty than he let on but not cancerous. What say you guys? Thanks

Jul 31st, 07, 5:27 PM
Has the rust gone through the trunk pan? A 1965 327 is a good engine. What tranny does the car have?

You should post a link to some pics of the car so people on here can tell you if it's worth it.

Good Luck!

Jul 31st, 07, 5:54 PM
Nope, definitely not gone through. It's workable. The guy said the tranny is the factory 3 speed automatic whichever one that is I'm not sure. I'll try and get some pics. Maybe I should offer him $2000 and see what happens? :)Thanks

Jul 31st, 07, 6:05 PM
I wouldnt mess around too much.... sounds like a good deal as it sits.

Twins Fan
Jul 31st, 07, 6:11 PM
The transmission is probably a TH350. You could offer $2000, but be careful he might get offended. Now days $3000 for any Chevelle is pretty fair and this one runs.

Jul 31st, 07, 6:18 PM
For a running 70, $3k sounds like a great deal.

Jul 31st, 07, 6:53 PM
For a running 70, $3k sounds like a great deal.

I agree...

If its running, basically complete and not rotted (at least too badly), I'd be all other the $3K in a heartbeat...

trunk and floor pans aren't too hard or expensive to change compared with exterior body panels... Is the paint old? signs of a 'fresh" paint job or rust bubbles showing through?

'65 327... Not a bad motor, but nothing spectacular (better than a 283 or 307)...

Aug 2nd, 07, 11:41 AM
Thanks for the help guys. My father-in-law was the one interested. After reading through the responses he snatched it up. I'm sure you'll be seeing him online before long once he starts the restore process.

Aug 3rd, 07, 6:57 PM
what if it is a corvette 327? then the motor could be sold to finance body repairs and purchase of a more standard 350.