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: need a little help

Jul 21st, 07, 11:19 AM
i'm looking for 71 or 72 chevelle, found one close to home in napa, its on e-bay again. white 72 ss clone 454, its the second go around on e-bay for this car, it was first posted for $17.500. now $ 15, or so. a freind has seen this car and said rust in the trunk left side, paint ok but a couple of rust bubbles and interior good with a few tears in seats.. what do you guys think....:cool:

Jul 21st, 07, 11:22 AM
For a SS clone,, plus a little rust. I'd say $10,000 but I'm no pro at the 70, 71,72 Chevelle's. Good Luck

Jul 21st, 07, 11:40 AM
could you take a look at e-bay for me, see what ya think..

Jul 21st, 07, 12:21 PM
I looked and going by what others are selling for. I'd say no more than 12 for it.

Jul 21st, 07, 12:44 PM
thanks,.any one else.