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: new 7 speed wiper motor for 68-72 chevelles

mad hooker
Jul 20th, 07, 6:04 PM
have you seen those yet? i think they had a article on them and how to install them, i forgot which magazine though. thinkin about getting on efor the elky

Jul 20th, 07, 6:16 PM
I dont drive in the rain... ;)

Jul 20th, 07, 6:22 PM
I dont drive in the rain... ;)

Just be careful, don't be out there having fun without any protection...

Anyway, I don't have a wiper motor either, and don't drive in the rain like Brett said... but, with that said, I do want to get my wipers working again. I think you're talking about the DSE (Detriot Speed and Engineering) system. There is a thread about it on the forums, and the car they used for a prototype of the system is one of our very own members. Do a search for it.

Jul 20th, 07, 6:25 PM
Well let me clarify. I have been caught in the rain, and my wipers work, but I try to avoid it due to a leak. I do wish it had a slower intermediate speed.

Jul 20th, 07, 7:37 PM
Just drove my Elky today in unexpected rain and the DSE wipers are absolutely fantastic. The five intermittent speeds work great and it all fits perfectly.

Jul 20th, 07, 8:00 PM

Jul 21st, 07, 8:47 AM
dude i want that windshield wiper system for my 68 chevelle 300 deluxe, do you know if it comes with a stock wiper switch that just has more settings:thumbsup:Ryan

Jul 21st, 07, 1:43 PM
You have to use their switch, but the part that comes thru the dash is just like a stock stalk. (Poetry?) And some guys have used the stock knob to replace the aluminum replica they give you. You can even leave the pushbutton for the washer on the knob if you want..just JB Weld it in there. The switch just works by turning to the right to the various detents.