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: NHRA Pro stock rules

Oct 9th, 03, 6:45 PM
Does anyone have a link or a list of NHRA pro stock rules in that class? Or is there a online NHRA rule book somewhere? I would like to refrence a few things.


Oct 9th, 03, 7:20 PM
Try NHRA.com

Oct 9th, 03, 9:59 PM
As far as I know, the NHRA rule book is only available in printed form. Order directly from NHRA, or many speed shops also sell them. Rule changes and updates are printed weeklyh in NATIONAL DRAGSTER.

Oct 9th, 03, 11:23 PM
The rules for pro stock are as follows: 5 million in the bank, an engine builder who doesn't look at you as if you were a piece of meat, a sympathetic chasis builder, and a 200K a year crew chief. The other rules are incidental.

Oct 10th, 03, 7:52 AM
ejrempel has it in a nutshell. Of course you can replace part of the 5 mil with a big time sponsor and you need one of about 6 or 8 certain engine builders that are not team specific. The basics of rules are: 2350 lb max with driver, 500 cu in max, NHRA spec'd VP racing gasoline only, no nitrous or power adders, 2-4 bbl carbs of type and mfr accepted by NHRA, only '98 or later 2 dr coupes or 2 dr sedans (domestic or foreign). Only blocks and heads approved by NHRA that are from same corporate mfr as body style (i.e. GM Ford, Chrysler), 90 degree V8, single cam, naturally aspirated. NHRA accepted composite replacement body parts and shells OK. Of course there are very specific rules on spoilers, hood scoops, engine setback, roll cages, chassis, etc., etc. It's so competitive nowadays, you could have unlimited budget, your pick of crew chief, engine builder, and driver, and still not qualify. Like Bob Glidden, back when he was winning everything in site, told a young Jim Yates before he entered Pro Stock, "I could give you my car and you couldn't qualify with it".

Oldani Motorsports
Oct 10th, 03, 8:50 AM
It is a tough game for sure! I would be willing to bet that quite a few guys are making within 25 hp, but getting it to the track every pass is the trick. Look to Larry Morgan and his Dodge who have Bob tuning the car. They did some tuning rethinking and now he is a player again. No real hardparts changes, just in the motor/clutch/chassis is where they found it. The engine technology is unreal. Back in 1991 I ran a Steve Schmidt motor in my dragster in Comp Eliminator as an A/Dragster. I cringed each time I fired up the motor because I knew how much $ was sitting behind me, and we had a maintainence agreement on the motor, lol. Every piece was tweaked on it. A 458" motor that made 1053 hp, left with a converter that went to 8100 and shifted at 9000-9200 and crossed the line at over 9K as well. Handmade sheetmetal intake with lots of internal work, the runners looked nothing like the outside of the intake did. Heads were welded and moved around, including valve angles, and thus the Jesel stuff had to be cut apart and reworked too. It was hard to try and qualify in Comp too at some races, where you had to run .45 under your index to make the show.

Oct 10th, 03, 10:01 AM
I know this is a little off subject but Pro-Stock is the only class that I LOVE to watch on TV. Every race seems to be close and the cars are much more like a real car than the top fuelers ("normal" size gasoline engines). It's very competitive and that's why I like watching it.

In contrast, how many top fuel or funny car races are close? There are too many races where one guy blows the tires off or puts a cylinder out leaving the race a total blow out. It seems that there are very few "close" top fuel races when compared to ProStock.

Oct 10th, 03, 11:49 AM
Yes it sure looks like Larry Morgan made the right move by hiring old buddy "Mad Dog" Glidden to work on his stuff. Also looks like Jeggie's engine guys stumbled onto something big recently. Greg Anderson had everyone covered earlier in the year but those two I mentioned and KJ are really closing in. Greg still has the power as he still has an approx 1 MPH advantage over these guys (unless his aero work is that much better) but the others get it to the track better since their ET's are within .01-.02 of his. Then there's the driving. Hard to beat Jeggie off the line. My favorites are Bruce Allen and the Reher-Morrison team. They are the little guys now.

Oct 10th, 03, 5:16 PM
Thanks everyone, I will need to get a rule book. Von you answered some of my questions I was looking for but would also like some more specific rules too. I am trying to do some comparisons to some different classes. Mainly the PRO RWD NHRA Import class. There pretty close in rules other then the imports are allowed a power adder and pro stock is not.

Oct 13th, 03, 9:52 AM
It's like John Force once said "If you want to be a millionaire drag racer, you had better start out with two million!"

Oct 13th, 03, 1:30 PM
to make a small fortune in racing you have to start with a big one.

Oct 13th, 03, 1:31 PM
to make a small fortune in racing you have to start with a big one.