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: How to get Large Creases out of Carpet

Steve Johnson
Jul 14th, 07, 11:01 AM
An ACC molded carpet came with my 70 when I bought it in 97. Have had the carpet out of the box for 3-4 weeks and have left out in 102 degree sun. There are several areas that don't look like they are shaped right and a very large crease that runs side to side through the front section. I have tried using a heat gun gently, but didn't make much difference. Because of the jute backing I can't get at it from the back. Am I going to be able to get the crease out. I have been wondering about using steam once I actually put the carpet in the car. Will I need to purchase a new carpet or does anyone have some ideas on how to get the carpet to lay flat.

Steve Johnson
Jul 16th, 07, 5:33 PM
Any ideas?

Jul 17th, 07, 12:23 AM
I had some creases in mine and I used 3m general trim adhesive to glue the carpet down in the car and it looks fine.

Chicken Coupe
Jul 17th, 07, 8:03 AM
A number of years ago I saw a home improvement show trick that showed them using a steamer to remove carpet indentations from furniture sitting in the nap.

I believe that in your case the backing is creased and "normal" efforts (sitting in the sun, hope it lays flat) simply do nt work because the crease is too well set. Think pants presser. You don't get the wrinkles out by setting them in the sun, etc.

I have used this technique a number of times at home with great success. I also "steamed" a convertiable top on a Porsche that had been left in the down position for 5 years to get rid of the creases. I got 90% of them out in one pass.

I would recommend the following:

If you have access to a steamer, just relay the carpet and steam from the top to "soften" the carpet fibers and the backing. Press flat with a towel (to help shape it to the floor and protect your hands) until cool. Do entire crease 1 time, one area at a time and repeat as necessary.

I bought a cheap travel steamer for about 5 bucks and it has worked fine, but that was 10 years ago I think that you can buy a MUCH better model in Target-like store for this job. Also check your home steam iron, it may have a "steam" feature built into it. If you use a steam iron, place a towel between the sole plate and the carpet to prevent "heat-shine" caused by pressing the hot sole plate onto carpeting that has a melting point.

Also, start with an area that is hidden or work from the back to be sure your trial and error time does not damage the carpet face.

Hope that helps.

Jul 17th, 07, 8:29 AM
First thing that you need to do is make sure that the jute padding is not the cause of the problem.And yes if the jute is folded over or bunched up on the back of the carpet it will cause a crease to form.If the jute is folded over or bunched up,slowly peel it off the back of the carpet to the fold or bunched up place,and straighten it out and reglue it to the carpet(3M Super Trim Tac),then hit the carpet with some steam.If the jute is not the cause then hit it with some steam.

Steve Johnson
Jul 17th, 07, 8:44 PM
Fred and Jr., thanks for help. I went out and bought a steamer today. It took quite a lot of steam but the worst crease came out. I am feeling a lot better knowing that I don't have to buy another carpet.

Jul 18th, 07, 8:41 AM
Glad it worked out for you.