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: Super Chevy, 1966 L79 Elco

Jun 15th, 07, 2:56 PM
Anyone else see this?

I was in the sgrocery store, and just browsing through the magazines... I didn't want to buy that issue yet, and the wife was ready to leave, so I didn't get to read the whole article...

I know there was a reference to: real or fabricated, you decide...

Also apparently the owner thought it was unusual because of buckets and console, etc... Don't know why, I have seen quite a few "original" bucket/console '66 El Caminos over the years...

All I know is NO suffix code exists for a "Chevelle" L79 in '66, and that car only has a 10-bolt (didn't all L79's come with 12-bolts- at least other years and body styles, except Vettes)?

Jun 15th, 07, 4:29 PM
It was discussed on here couple weeks ago. There was not an L79 option available in 66 on the chevelle or el camino. Nothing under the hood gave the impression it was L79. Its 1 of NONE.

mad hooker
Jun 15th, 07, 5:20 PM
i thought it read 1 of a possible 60?