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: 69 chevelle 4 speed Hurst correct for console

May 28th, 07, 9:33 AM
how can i determine if a used hurst 4 speed shifter is correct for a console car 69 chevelle ?

May 28th, 07, 10:09 AM
the only hurst shifter that i have seen fit is the one sold by ground up.all the old hurst shifters required the floor pan to be cut up. greg

May 28th, 07, 10:28 AM
confused about this installation,
have a 69 chevelle with console. would a 391-8014 shifter and a 373-7814 install kit work ?

May 28th, 07, 11:13 AM
I have the 391-8014 competition plus shifter in my 68 with center console and muncie tranny. The stick # is 8009

If your 69 has a factory center console and muncie the 391-8014 is correct. The kit for a 69 is #373-7834

Jul 23rd, 07, 12:21 PM
Confusing. I spoke with Summit about Hurst Shifter 3918014. Initially its listed for with or w/o console for 1969. If you do a detailed search it says its for without console. The old Hurst number is 3918014 and was listed for console only. Super confusing. Summit doesn't know, and refered me to Hurst.

I spoke with Hurst about this and they acted as if there never were two different part numbers. I know for a fact that there used to be. I also read some of the threads where fellas where having interference problems with the new package. I also gathered that for a true fit buy the one from Ground Up w/console for a perfect fit. Hurst claims no knowlage of the (console / no console) shifters from Ground Up in the two flavors. Neither do they lay any claim that they manufactured them.

So, my concern is this. Which is the real Hurst that fits '69 with console, Muncie/Big Block? Who's having problems? I would just go ahead and by the Ground Up, but I am doing a COPO clone and would like the Hurst lever, not the Muncie as Ground Up has.

Any thoughts on all this??? Thanks! Steve

Jul 23rd, 07, 6:14 PM
Hurst made two different shifters for 68-72 Chevelle but all were listed to fit with and w/o console.
The early Hurst shifter for 68-72 Chevelle had a welded in stick with the big Hurst letters and the later Hurst has the bolt on stick with small letters.
They are very close to the same shape.

The GU shifter is the same Hurst shifter with a repop bolt on Muncie stick.

The Muncie shifter stick is different for with and w/o console