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: Where does this wire go???

May 10th, 07, 4:32 PM
70 Chevell - came with factory air which has been removed.
2 part question.

First I have 2 black wires with a purple tracer coming from the bulkhead connector on the firewall. They both run toward the passenger side of the car. One with a single male connector stops around half was accross, the second ends near the right fender. I don't know what they are supposed to connect to. I do see a reference for a TCS relay in the wiring diagram but I'm not sure. What is a TCS relay?

Second. Where does the ground wire from the blower go. The wiring diagram looks like it connects to the A/C relay and to ground. Does it have to go to the A/C relay or can I make a ground wire to go from the blower to ground?

Thanks Guy's

May 10th, 07, 4:59 PM
I can comment on the TCS (transmission control spark)which is a black/purple stripe wire. That wire goes to a relay that (on my 70') is mounted on the gutter above the distributor. I use this wire to power my choke since TCS is usually disconnected (I replaced the 25A fuse for a 5-10A since this ties in with A/C)



Hope this helps.