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: VDO pro eliminator tach Not working!!!!

May 1st, 07, 9:16 AM
I have a pro eliminator tach that was working perfect 2 days ago. I installed new msd spark plug wires, accel cap and rotor (hei) and hooked everything back up the same way. Fired the car and the tach was jumping around, shift light flashing. Shut down checked wiring everything tight. Started car tach did same thing. Then the tach needle shot to 9000 rpm and just stop working all together. Now it does not work at all except for the recall buttons. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?????

May 1st, 07, 4:14 PM
I would check everything again. What does your ignition system consists of? HEI with power and tach terminals? Sounds like power was being applied to the tach sender wire. Check and make sure power and tach wires and terminals are insulated from each other.